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    Bashar - 13 Months and Counting

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - 13 Months and CountingIn this dynamic weekend, Bashar and the Sassani begin an acceleration in the deliverance of information, as our energy unfol

    Bashar - 2027 The Contact Fulcrum

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - 2027 The Contact Fulcrum• Did I have a visitation when I was playing as a child? • Regarding the fulcrum, are the precursors going to be more acti

    Bashar - 30 Days of Disclosure

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - 30 Days of DisclosureBashar speaks about an experiment that we can participate in, that will increase the probability of disclosure, after the upc

    Bashar - A Unified Theory of Metaphysics

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - A Unified Theory of MetaphysicsBashar announces the beginning of Darryl’s 5-week metaphysics classes in 2016 that will offer a unique opportunity

    Bashar - Allowance

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - AllowanceBashar discusses how to apply surrender and allowance to magnify your ability to act on your passion along the path of least resistance.G

    Bashar - Amplifying First Contact

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - Amplifying First ContactBashar shares a special transmission for the European continent about first contact and magnifying the probability of disc

    Bashar - As Above So Below

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - As Above So BelowUnderstand how the higher non-physical levels of energy manifest as the physical reality we experience and how we can apply this

    Bashar - Bashar’s Birthday Gift

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - Bashar’s Birthday GiftNovember 11th is the date on our calendar that corresponds to Bashar’s birthday. Bashar gives US a birthday gift by sharing

    Bashar - Continuing Education

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - Continuing EducationJoin Bashar and a young "First Contact Specialist in Training" and explore the unique nature of our planet and culture. Dialog

    Bashar - Cybo

    $10.00 $29.95
    Bashar - CyboBashar brings a new game to Vegas! In this session, we learn an ancient Essassani secret: that transformation can be fun. Cybo is the Sassani

    Bashar - Dare to Dream

    $10.00 $29.95
    Bashar - Dare to DreamBashar discusses the importance of taking action on your dreams and shares a fun, dynamic and interactive permission slip to accelera

    Bashar - Dear Mom and Dad

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - Dear Mom and DadA heartwarming and humorous open letter from the hybrid children, as they explain what it is they are learning about humanity, and

    Bashar - Epiphany

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - EpiphanyIn this intriguing 3-day event, Bashar explores the special role that artificial intelligence has within his society and the surprising ef

    Bashar - Is The Earth Flat?

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - Is The Earth Flat?Bashar explains what's causing the growing debate at this time in our transformation about whether the Earth is a globe or wheth

    Bashar - Masks

    $10.00 $24.95
    Bashar - MasksWhat if you could change your life the way you could change a mask? Your physical personality is a mask, projected by your higher mind. Basha