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    Stan Grof & Rick Tarnas - The Psyche & Cosmos Advanced Program

    $197.00 $1,097.00
    Open to the wisdom of archetypal astrology to enrich your self-understanding and gain insight into the larger forces at play in your own life and on the world stage.

    Anthony Robbins – Sacred Blessings: Sacred Music Inspired by the World’s Great Faiths

    $35.00 $97.00
    This music, inspired by the world’s great spiritual traditions, has been chosen to create a sense of peace and harmony within you and around you.

    Lisa Sasevich – Speak- to -Sell Virtual Bootcamp – Spring 2015

    $87.00 $997.00
    Imagine – In Just a Few Weeks, You’ll Be Ready to Step Into the Spotlight With a Signature Talk that you LOVE, Irresistible Offers. That Sell and all the Confidence That comes with Being Prepared!

    Margaret Moore - Holistic Coaching

    $82.00 $695.00
    Discover The Psychology & Science Of Consistently Creating Rapid Transformation For Your Clients

    NICABM - How to Work with Perfectionism

    $42.00 $197.00
    How to Work with the Fear, Pain, and Shame That’s Imprisoning Your Client in Perfectionism

    John Cooper - Empowering The Knight Within

    $72.00 $252.00
    Advanced Training For Men - Empowered Masculinity, Personal Mastery & Natural Attraction

    Rob McNamara - The Art of Advanced Listening

    $27.00 $79.00
    “The Art of Advanced Listening” is designed to help you create powerful attunement at the heart of each coaching relationship.

    Asara Lovejoy - The One Command

    $17.00 $39.95
    Unleash the extraordinary power of your theta mind for limitless success at every level! In this highly-anticipated program, beloved teacher and author Asara Lovejoy reveals her renowned One Command process for instantaneously accessing your theta mind

    Alison Armstrong - The Heart of Partnership

    $92.00 $795.00
    Relationships are haphazardly formed by expectations rarely examined, spoken or aligned upon. Instead, the basis of our interactions is unconscious, implied, inferred, assumed and withheld -- right up until the moment our expectations are failed, disappointed or betrayed.

    Jeffrey Gignac - All Language Is Hypnosis

    $42.00 $197.00
    Discover How To Build a "New You" From The Inside Out,...

    Telephone Confidence – Be Super Confident on the Telephone

    $42.00 $199.99
    Introduction. First Impressions. Make them Trust You. Getting What You Want. Leaving Voicemail Messages. Elite Cold Calling Techniques. Testing Your Knowledge.

    Tara Brach - Awaken Your Heart, Creativity & Wisdom

    $72.50 $145.00
    Awaken Your Heart, Creativity & Wisdom with Tara Brach Inhabit your full aliveness with embodied awareness. What you'll learn. Get back to being friends with your body again

    Eric Goodman and Peter Park – Foundation Training – Foundation

    $47.00 $199.00
    Product Include : Heath/Ftness/ Massage Product Size : 1.4 GB Delivery : Digital Download This 2 DVD disc set contains over 2.5 hours of action packed instruction

    Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – From Chaos To Serenity

    $37.00 $97.00
    Our 6-Day Retreats are designed to help you to dive deeply in the limitless beauty, love, and peace that you are. You will learn tools, perspectives and techniques to continue

    Fiona Moore – Healing Family and Relationship Patterns

    $20.00 $40.00
    When we’re received with unconditional love our true nature (love) is reflected back to us. This grounding in early life builds trust and ease in ourselves