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    These books are the best of the best for entrepreneurs.

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    Carl Buchheit, Ellie Schamber - Transformational NLP - A New Psychology

    Transformational NLP incorporates material drawn from, or inspired by, the holographic model of the universe as explained by physicist David Bohm, the basic premises and implications of twentieth and twenty-first century quantum mechanics

    THE POWER OF PERSUASION How We’re Bought and Sold - Robert Levine.PDF

    $29.90 $60.00
    "An engaging, highly readable survey of the sophisticated methods of persuasion we encounter in various situations. From television to telemarketing and from self-deception File size: 9.1 MB

    Paul R. Scheele and Win Wenger - Genius Code

    $32.80 $119.00
    The Genius Code Deluxe Course includes the eight audio sets, a 56-page course manual, Win Wenger’s mini-book Think Visually and the special Genius Code Paraliminal File size: 2.2 GB

    BestSeller Summit 2018

    $45.00 $197.00
    Learn and understand your publishing options and choose the best that is right for YOU, whether it’s self-publishing, hybrid publishing or working with a traditional publisher

    Julie Lusk - Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief

    $15.00 $27.00
    “Congratulations to Julie Lusk on the publication of Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief. No question about it—due to the high amount of stress all

    Christopher Wallis - The Recognition Sutras Illuminating

    $15.00 $37.00
    One thousand years ago in the valley of Kashmir, a great Tantric master named Ksemaraja wrote his masterpiece: the Pratyabhijna-hrdaya, which means “The Essence of

    Peterson, Kolb - How You Learn Is How You Live , Using Nine Ways of Learning to Transform Your Life1

    $17.00 $45.00
    Being a lifelong learner is one of the secrets to happiness, success, and personal fulfillment. This book awakens and enhances the power of learning that lies within us.

    Lucy MacDonald - You Can Be an Optimist ,Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life1

    $15.00 $35.00
    The audiobook contains 20 specially devised exercises that include simple practices such as journaling, visualization, affirmations, and physical exercises.

    Abigail Marsh - The Fear Factor, How One Emotion Connects Altruists, Psychopaths, and Everyone InBetween

    $17.00 $45.00
    At fourteen, Amber could boast of killing her guinea pig, threatening to burn down her home, and seducing men in exchange for gifts. She used the tools she had available

    Jackson MackenziePsychopath Free- Recovering from Emotionally Abusive Relationships

    $15.00 $35.00
    Using false praise and flattery to get what they want, they can lure any unsuspecting target into a relationship. Once hooked, their charming promises spin into mind games

    Robert G. Best - Brain Apps, Hacking Neuroscience to Get There

    $17.00 $45.00
    For years, most of us believed that remarkably talented people were born different, and that exceptional performance lay beyond our grasp. Now, groundbreaking

    Cortman, Shinitzky - Your Mind: An Owner’s Manual for a Better Life

    $15.00 $35.00
    During their more than 80,000 hours facilitating psychotherapy, Drs. Cortman and Shinitzky realized that most people are unaware of 10 crucial psychological truths

    William Glasser - Choice Theory , A New Psychology of Personal Freedom

    $42.00 $115.00
    Dr. William Glasser offers a new psychology that, if practiced, could reverse our widespread inability to get along with one another, an inability that is the source of

    Tim Swift - The Productive Mind: Mental Strategies to Maximize Productivity and Happiness

    $11.00 $15.00
    You can be your best self and this book will help you do that. By using the methods and strategies in this book you will see dramatic improvements in your ability to focus,

    Joseph C. Zinker - Creative Process In Gestalt Therapy (1978)

    $10.00 $20.00
    This deeply compassionate book explores the relationship between therapist and patient and explains the method of Gestalt therapy. The author, Joseph Zinker is an active