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    UKFightLab - Chi Superstars

    $52.00 $297.00
    The Ultimate 'Dream Team' of Chinese Chi Masters Are About To Teach You Their Most Powerful Secrets!

    Waysun Liao - Prepare to Transfer Power (an Intro to Fah Jing) - ADVANCED

    $52.00 $200.00
    The instructions are meant for advanced students who are ready to take the next step in using life energy for Chi application in sending a Jing signal beyond the limits of their own body

    Richard Clear - Combat Tai Chi vol 17 - Breathing for Tai Chi

    $42.00 $197.00
    This DVD is an in-depth study of the martial uses of breath in Tai Chi Chuan

    Waysun Liao - How Condensing Breathing Creates Jing Power - ADVANCED

    $35.00 $97.00
    In this course, Master Waysun Liao explains why condensing breathing is such a powerful exercise, and covers different ways to include it into your Taichi practice.

    Waysun Liao - Condensing Breathing - ADVANCED

    $27.00 $75.00
    In this advanced-level teaching, Master Liao diagrams the real method of condensing breathing and what it really means.

    Tim Larkin - When Violence Is the Answer

    $12.00 $20.98
    In this essential book, self-protection expert and former military intelligence officer Tim Larkin changes the way we think about violence in order to save our lives

    Dan Henderson – Jiu-Jitsu Killer

    $41.50 $138.50
    Dan Henderson Signed 1998 Jiu-Jitsu Killer VHS 2 PSA/DNA COA UFC Pride Autograph If a product is unsigned or non game-used

    Branimlr Tudjan – Street Krav Maga Combat Essentials for Real-World

    $29.90 $70.00
    The prevalence of Krav Maga programs taught by frauds wearing BDUs has made it very difficult for the average person to find authentic training

    Kazuoki Sogawa – Daito Ryu Aikibujutsu A to Z

    $29.90 $90.00
    Ichijougatame : Ippondori (Omote・Ura) / Kotehineri (Aidori・Gyakudori) Nijogatame : Ippondori, Kotehineri yorino Nijogatame / tegatanauchi, Sanjogatame

    Andre Galvao – Jiu Jitsu Concepts and Game plan

    $20.00 $100.00
    ANDRE GALVAO Jiu-Jitsu Concepts Details Game Plan – 5 DVD set. Get ready to take your game to a new level. Master the basics and learn lethal moves

    Roy Harris – BJJ Over 40 Series and Seminars

    $29.90 $90.00
    My book, “The Jiu Jitsu Answer Man, Volume One” (Printed Version) is now available for sale. Click on the orange link to order: “The Jiu Jitsu Answer Man”

    Marco Ruas – Brazilian Vale Tudo – Vol 5 – Foot, Knee 8i Ankle Locks

    $28.90 $90.00
    ALL FOURTEEN VOLUMES IN ONE BARGAIN BOX SET! Marco Ruas is a Brazilian fighting legend! Not only has Marco Ruas competed at the highest level of

    Chloe Bruce – Extreme Stretching ft Kicking Techniques Vol 3 Excellence and Beyond HPP Pack – audio

    $29.90 $90.00
    Learn Stretching Exercises and Kick Techniques from a World Champion in “Extreme Martial Arts”. Chloe Bruce is a worldwide martial arts icon

    Andre Galvao-Open Guard

    $29.90 $90.00
    Find Andre Galvao Jiu-Jitsu: Concepts, Details, Game Plan 5 DVD BJJ Set at Movies Click to open expanded view DVD 2 THE OPEN GUARD

    Stan Billue - Highest Paid Salesman on Earth

    $52.00 $297.00