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    Scott Young – Learn More, Study Less

    $17.00 $40.00
    Back in March I wrote a review of Scott Young’s e-book Learn More, Study Less. Learn More, Study Less is a very good e-book on learning that I personally enjoy. In fact, if you check the sidebar of this blog, you will see that I put it under Recommended E-books section.

    T.Harv Eker - Hypnotherapy for a millionaire mind

    $42.00 $197.00
    1. Introduction to Hypnotherapy... 2. Hypnotherapy for a “Millionaire Mind”... 3. Introduction to Declarations... 4. “Millionaire Mind” Declarations...

    Howard Berg – Mega & Maximum Speed Reading

    $52.00 $200.00
    Howard Stephen Berg’s Maximum Speed Reading... Howard Stephen Berg – Mega Speed Reading... Breakthrough Rapid Reading...

    MindShift – The Ultimate Success Course Steve Chandler

    $17.00 $47.00
    The mind thinks it only wants comfort because it sees so many advertisements that sell comfort as the ultimate good thing. So it tries to comfort itself. It avoids challenge. But challenge is where the joy is. And MIND-shifting is the ultimate challenge.

    Kenrick Cleveland - Millionaire Mind Strategies

    $82.00 $625.00
    If you have ever felt you are not living up to your full potential…not making enough money for the lifestyle you dream of…lack the inspiration you once had… then this letter could hold the key to unlocking your future prosperity.

    Gary M. Douglas & Dain Heer - Mindfulness or Awareness Sep-18 Telecall

    $42.00 $130.00
    Mindfulness is the idea that your mind is the source for the creation of awareness. Your mind only explains what you already know.

    Joseph Riggio – InfluenceMastery LIVE

    $77.00 $497.00
    Product Include : Webrip – 3 MP4, 3 FLV, 1 PDF Product Size : 1.1 GB Do you want the skills of a Master Influencer … someone who creates change and moves people with ethics and complete integrity?

    Michael David Golzmane – Essential Clearing to get unstuck

    $22.00 $50.00
    There is a 2 week period every year, typically between the full moon in September and the new moon in October, that is considered the ultimate critical period for doing

    Rudy Hunter - Hitting The Bricks

    $27.00 $77.00
    For months, I had been dithering on making several complex decisions for my business. For months, I had been dithering on making several complex decisions for my business.

    Rudy Hunter & Sue Fellows – A FireSide Chat On Self-Esteem & Self-

    $22.00 $55.00
    Rudy Hunter with his buddy Sue Fellows have just produced another FireSide Chat mp3 EnergyWork tool with 4 powerful bedrock rounds of energetics that go

    NICABM - Making First Sessions Great

    $42.00 $197.00
    How To Make Your First Session So Effective That Your Clients Leave Full Of Hope, Commitment To Change and Motivation To Do The Work

    William R. Torbert – The Power of Balance – Transforming self,

    $22.00 $57.00
    Presenting a new theory of power, a new practice of management and a new theory of social science, this volume contradicts the following received wisdoms

    Adriana James – Values And the Evolution of Consciousness

    $22.00 $59.95
    We live in a world ridden with conflict. Everyone knows about it and only a select few have any motivation to do anything about it

    Brad Johnson – Akashic Records Home Study

    $37.00 $111.00
    The Akashic Records is a vast universal library where all information contained through the power of thought is stored. All knowledge can be accessed through this

    RSD Madison’s Bootcamp @ Home

    $67.00 $397.00
    Link up with me and the global Bootcamp at Home Brigade for 3 MONTHS of LIVE Bootcamp Debriefs! Use this opportunity to hear me critique students with the