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    Jason Julious – Extreme Sex Drive Complete 2015

    $25.00 $67.00
    How To Boost Your Sex Drive In Less Than 24 Hours By Implementing A Few Simple Tweaks To Your Daily Routine…”Finally Revealed – The all natural way to raise your sex drive safely, quickly, and effectively without the nasty side effects that come with pharmaceutical options…””lets take a look at what you will receive inside your copy of Extreme Sex Drive…

    Ross Jeffries – Speed Seduction 1.0 Basic Home Study Course

    $57.00 $227.00
    Jeffries is known best for his ‘speed seduction’ materials. He was an innovator in the PUA community, being one of the first to bring his materials to the web, start newsletters (some included here) and make the first attempts at widespread knowledge of PUA skillsets. Ross exclusively uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as well as a bit of hypnosis in his teachings. And he is not shy about laying out his ultimate goal… to get you laid with any woman you want

    Susan Seifert – Power of Love February 2017

    $42.00 $119.00
    Lester Levenson, founder of the Sedona Method, discovered early on that love, and more particularly loving, brought him the greatest happiness. A large part of his journey involved ʻsquaring it all with loveʼ – or replacing non-love feelings with love.

    Alpha/Dominant Male Subliminal Training Set Version 5.0

    $52.00 $200.00
    This is the long awaited Version 5.0 of the Alpha/Dominant Male Subliminal Training Set For Gay Men, the six stage set of subliminal training programs for the gay man who wants to become dominant, command respect, become a better person, make himself healthier emotionally, and attract the attention and interest of other gay men, all without struggling to do so!

    Wing Girl Method – How To Become A Man Women Want

    $35.00 $97.00
    I want to tell you a secret about women. It’s not about what you say, what you wear, what you make, how you look or what you do. It’s about character. A genuine, authentic man with confidence and complete comfort in his own skin is by far the sexiest thing a man can be.

    AuthenticWorld (AMP) – Authentic Community Leadership

    $42.00 $159.00
    We Want You Training With Us This Fall- An 8-Week Adventure, For Men And Women, Equipping You With The Skills And Tools To Deepen Your Relationships For The Rest Of Your Life

    AMP – Sexual Energy Mastery Complete

    $52.00 $275.00
    Discover new worlds of sensation, pleasure and fulfillment for you and your partner, and transform your relationship to your body and your sexuality, forever.

    AMP – The Inner Circle Newsletter FULL Vol. 1 + 2 + 3

    $11.00 $87.00
    This is the whole package of zhe AMP – Inner Circle Newsletter Volume 1 + 2 + 3 from 2007 till 2009.

    Authentic Man Program (AMP) – The Seductive Presence of The Man Who Accepts His Death

    $16.00 $37.00
    This month I bring you a landmark recording with Decker and female AMP facilitator Danger F. Riley. We talk about how our relationship to death directly impacts the quality and outcome of every interaction we have in our lives.

    Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Power Of Integrity

    $17.00 $47.00
    A GREAT MAN (‘King’ Archetype), on the other hand, stands and speaks for what he believes in–whether it’s a life purpose, a simple truth or just a gut-feeling. He’s cultivated the emotional solidity to allow himself to be impacted by the world because he is unswayable from his center

    Authentic Man Program (AMP) – Become The King She Wants To Follow… Anywhere

    $17.00 $47.00
    This month we discuss authentic leadership in our recording “Becoming The King She Wants To Follow… anywhere.” What does it take for a woman to be moved to really trust you, believe in you, follow you emotionally, follow you into the bedroom, follow you on an adventure?

    Adam Gilad – The Boldness Bundle

    $32.00 $97.00
    I've put together an amazing discounted package of my programs as my gift to YOU for being an action taker and joining us for the Boldness Code. In this package. I'm going to give you: Everything you need to know about approach... Everything you need to know about how to attract her online...

    Carlos Xuma – Bad Boy Formula

    $142.00 $1,432.00
    Attraction Psychology Of The Bad Boy... Bad Boy Reference & Examples ... Bustin’ Balls Tutorial And Bad Boy Case Studies...

    Carlos Xuma – Girlfriend Training Program

    $35.00 $97.00
    Carlos Xuma’s Girlfriend Training Program or GTP for short is filling a need that there has been around for a long time. In the early 2000s there began to be a lot of articles and ebooks available online for guys who wanted to get better with women.

    Carlos Xuma – Alpha Lifestyles Tripple Threat

    $42.00 $119.00
    This is the Big Picture you need to complete your Alpha Lifestyle and become a powerful Alpha Man. Chart your own destiny and live a life of constant excitement and growth.